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Legends Of The Colombian Gold

The Colombian Gold Through The Ages

Folks that have smoked cannabis may not find fakes that pleasurable. Its therapeutic and high feeling leave one shivering with longing at its absence. The legal substitutes are endured as soon as one is used to quality. Though different varieties of the high pledge pleasure, yet they all pay homage to colombian gold. This weed is special as the name implies; this paper is keen to exhibiting its qualities.

A legend
History says it was of great value that the likes of Simon Bolivar in his travels of the Amazonas. That is to say, it dates back to being the darling of great men. If the pride of Caracas could travel to exchange this, plant using spices and curative plants with natives. This he does after conquests; that shows the importance attached it. It was the power source of South America.

The name
Though Colombian gold is premium weed, it derived its name from the leaves. The name was later attributed to the cost and quality. It graced the tables of the elite as it was acquired for forty dollars per ounce as far back as the sixties. It is gold from the plantation.

Its high effect
Users enjoyed a silky smoke steam. This is because the best runs smoothly. It is a powerful psychedelic lasts up to three hours. Being stoned for three hours is something to desire. The ancients lived large; it could also be the reason why many lived long too. Today’s life is being reduced because many synthetics. Nature may not always be fair, yet it means well.

The change modernization brought
The modern variety makes it painless to grow this weed strain indoors. This means that it can grow in limited space. Prim folks can continue their hypocritical lives by growing their treasure from the glare of others. Those planted outdoors are harvested in November.

In addition to that, it has resistance to mould. Plants so cultivated yield large lengthy rounded buds. Its growth period may take up to ten weeks max, which is average by all standards. It is rich in every aspect medicine and high nutrients.
It the true taste of quality, as it is majorly sativa (seventy-five percent); a scarce quality in other varieties.

The price
These feminized seeds are sold for twenty pounds. They are sold in souvenir packs having three seeds. A pack of seven seeds cost fifty pounds while twelve is sold for eighty-two; that is pricey.  gold is pricey.
While cultivation of such seed is illegal in some countries, premium seeds are available for folks with taste. It may be expensive but it is worth the indulgence. This will also check the issue of dependence.
A word of caution
Although it is planted gold, it will be wrong to dedicate savings just to have a taste. Getting high is sweet but the real world is not there. Live in the real world then the funds for amusement will come. The law of many states is against its use. Be law abiding.  


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