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When The Delight-some Land Lost Its Cool

A delightsome land

Social unrest are some features of life that no one can preempt. Riots need cautious action before calm can be restored. Some debris it leaves is irreplaceable like life. It cuts many in their prime with unaccomplished goals. The pains to its victims are better imagined than experienced. The London riot to some folks, resulted from the death of a suspected drug baron and gang member. London for many is a delightsome locale and their press has kept up the work of projecting them in positive light. Behind the mask of serenity and stability are some issues the stakeholders failed to see which the first death created a vent. People capitalized on the death of Duggan and got attention. To Spain, London seems a ticket to better conditions in the face of their economic problems. Some Londoners groan under the weight of the widening pecuniary divide. That said, we should look at the starting point of the whole saga .

Tottenham is notable for organized crimes that date back to thirty years. Gangs also seem to have an abode there. Riotous reaction to deaths in the locale has a history that dates twenty-six years. The authorities should have had a premonition of the aftermath of Duggan’s death. The mixed culture has a way of affecting the social lives of the locals.
It also seem the recent policies favor the high class and reduces the lower class rights below a notch hence people  from the delightsome land heralded an unrest to get the government to listen to them and see through the eyes of the masses. Though the press and others were not pleased with the actions of the rioters, they saw it as a way of getting what is their due attention.
As no state can progress by favoring a part of its citizenry, poor Englanders used the weapon to violence to state their beefs. Many may condemn their act and they may be punished but they have achieved their goal.
Not forgetting that people rained blamed on parents for not being at home to prevent their children from carrying out looting and violence. But the complaints fail to state that  children from such home were left unattended to because their parent have to keep many jobs  to cater for the needs of their homes. If those folks got good pays, their children would not have dared to venture out of their houses at the period they did.
While the police should be careful with the way they handle arms to avoid future uprisings, government should make policies that will favor all classes. For some, their chances of improvement depend on such policies. The authorities should also appreciate the contribution of the lower class, as they are an important in any society and without them, a country would not be balanced.
The poor fail to see the delight in this delightsome land hence a revolt sparked off by a shot. If we take time to analyze beyond the surface we understand the true cause of the riots that rocked England.


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