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Another Look At Penis Pumps

Sex is an activity for pleasure. Not all men can satisfy their mates due to erectile dysfunction. In this state, one might be unable to sustain erection. This can really devastate one since sex matters. Many people now use penis pumps to thrill their lovers. It serves the purpose during the act, the question of its merits or otherwise is the focus here. This article will also look at those that use it and the cost while at it.

Who can use it?
  They are safe for people with erectile dysfunction caused by ailments like diabetes, those that had colon or prostate cancer surgeries, those that have emotional problems like anxiety with depression, and those that have poor flow of blood to their penis.
It would help them achieve erection when they need it. They would have their lovers support as they manage their conditions.

Those that cannot use them
  Men with hereditary bleeding disorders or those that have delayed and sometimes painful erection should not use them. Sickle cell and some leukemia patients as well as those with some blood conditions cannot use them. It is wise anyone that wants to start using them need to consult with their physicians first.

It performance rating
Most people on using penis pumps rate them between fifty to eighty percent. This rating may seem okay for some but believe it; it does not increase with time. It starts at that pace and gradually goes down to zero. In less than no time, people can use them for intercourse yet they may be unable to continue to reach similar heights with them. They can work for thirty minutes successfully.

The cost 
Penis pump prices range differs with brands and kinds. They cost between three hundred to five hundred dollars. Pumps that work with batteries are good for people with arthritis or those with little strength and coordination. It helps them preserve their energy for the act.

Side effects
 It helps them achieve orgasm
Erections from penis pumps give the usual experience of orgasm but that is as far as it goes. It leaves the kind of purplish mark one get from a fall on the penis that last for days, though it  goes after some days.

    Not good for people seeking reproduction
   What keeps the blood from going back to other parts of the body is a band. This band prevents semen from coming out. This makes it the wrong choice for couples seeking to have babies. If they want to have fun, they would have temporary relief and kids are out of it.

Does not improve blood flow to the penis
People who use it will find it harder to get blood to their organs without aid as time goes on. It is a temporary remedy to the problem. They should look for healthier alternatives.

Little insurance
People with erectile dysfunction from medical causes get squat insurance to buy penis pumps. Instead of going to get these with its depreciating effects, it is better to seek lasting solution to the problem
Penis pumps are not good for anyone.


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