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How to Grow a Really Sexy Beard

5 Secrets to Grow a Really Sexy Beard

The style of a modern man is largely governed by the prevailing sense of fashion that can seen in societal trends, films and other lifestyle review publications.
Please use the following pointers:

Choosing a good beard shape for you

The beard shape you choose should depend on the kind of face you have. Faces with triangular-shapes are more likely to have pointed chins. A beard that appears fuller will give such a face a better masculine appearance.

A full beard also matches a diamond or pear-shaped faces, giving them a softer facial appearance. It minimizes the overly prominent or soft chin.
The oval face is the commonest and it fits a number of beard shapes with little or no hassles.

Patience when growing it

Beards need to be patiently grown. Hair growth is a process of time and this can take between 1 to 3 months for it to be appreciated. Some people have a faster sprouting level than others but it is better to stop shaving during the waiting period.
What is advised is to ensure that your neck line is shaved to give you a neater look while your beard grows.
Trimming it like a pro

To determine the way your beard should be trimmed is not just a function of how you feel but how best it projects your personality. It is advisable to follow the smile line on your face when you trim your beard. It provides a rhythm to your face when your beard is trimmed to match the smile line.

Trimming the beard up is also recommended. The shaver should be positioned to trim up the beard and not trim down. It not only provides a better appearance, but protects your hair follicles. The trim line you choose should always look right and the jaw line is mostly recommended.

Every trim line should provide a space between your lip and cheeks. It should not appear too tight and give you an unpolished look.
Grooming with the right products

The hair on your head receives attention from you, so should the beard too. Pamper your facial hair and avoid dryness or offensive looks. When you apply shampoo to your beard, it rinses it out and gives it sheen.

Regularly washing your beard with recommended products and applying conditioners make them appear neater and healthier using a beard comb with regular exfoliation will work out your curls and winks nicely.

Match your beard style with a sexy celebrity

Celebrities take time to nurture their image and style. Matching your beard style with a sexy celebrity is an excellent tip to explore. It is not space science as a professional trimmer can follow the routine and help you with that quintessential look.


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