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Website WIFI Error 401 Causes, Complications, and Resets

When WIFI Error 401 appears as you access a website, it is the result of an attempt to gain access to a network with unauthorized login details. This error is also referred to as HTTP status code. In essence, you cannot have access until you provide a user ID and associated password that is authenticated.

After logging in when within your network coverage and the WIFI error 401 shows up, you should not be agitated. The credentials you supplied should be examined closely.

Is WIFI Error 401 Customized?
Individual settings for websites and networks lead to varying reasons why WIFI error 401 may be presented peculiarly. Why common error reporting for this glitch might be repeatedly familiar, a departure from the norm is not unexpected.

When using a browser, WIFI error 401 can present itself within the browser window just like web pages.

Why WIFI Error 401?

1. Intermittent Connection to a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 hosted website

This connection will fail as a result of
• Usage of Integrated Windows authentication by the host website
• Recycling of application pool as during progression of the authentication process.

2. Target Resource Invalidates Submitted Credentials

During the process of logging in, the server which generates a 401 response would send a header field that is annotated with a WWW-Authentication. This field is directed at the target resource with an applicable challenge.

What Happens After Authentication Fails?

In each of the above scenarios, as soon as a WIFI error 401 is sent, it is safe to accept that the credentials supplied by the user have failed the authentication test.
There is a likelihood that when authentication fails, an effort will be made by the user agent to repeat the earlier request using a header field Authorization that is replaced or new.
Having tried at least once to log in, the user agent will report the denial of authorization along with diagnostic details of relevance to the user.

How to Fix the 401 Unauthorized Error

Rectify URL Errors

Check the URL if there is a typo causing a redirect. Sometimes a typo could cause a redirection to a URL that is limited to authorized access.

Use the Main page to the Website

Any user who is certain that the URL is correct should also try to access the main page of the website. Using a secure access is one way to verify that the wrong URL has not been inputted.

Set up an account

Sometimes an account may be wrongly set up or inexistent. Always go to the main page and try to set up an account if you are a new user.

Reach the Webmaster

There might be a need to reach the webmaster if you are sure that there is no requirement to authenticate log in on the website. Just in case the WIFI error 401 is a mistake, the webmaster can rectify it.
Most webmasters can be reached by sending an email to, and remember to have ‘yoursite’ replaced with the specific website name.

Regain Access

Sometimes as you login, there is an immediate bounce. This shows that while you may have rights, the credentials were wrong. In this case, attempt an account recovery process to resolve this.

Clear the Cache

You can also work on tweaking recycling of the application pool by configuring it to a lesser frequency.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and click, then click ‘Run’ before typing in ‘inetmgr’, and click ‘OK.’

2. Select the computer you want to have the application pool recycling configured. Expand it and also expand the Application Pools.

3. Go to properties by right-clicking the application pool that you want to configure.

4. Click on Recycle tab, alter the metrics to allow for less frequent recycling by IIS.

On every IIS 6.0 Application pool, there are numerous metrics present. Time-elapsed, requests counts and application pool recycle points are all embedded. If any of these metrics prompts a frequent recycling, then WIFI error 401 will be frequent.

5. Click OK to complete the necessary configuration.

You can reach out for more help by reviewing posts on Microsoft user pages.


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