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Love to Explore The European Alps? Here is What Life In Ticino is Like

Life in Ticino and Ticino Property Considerations

Ticino is located in the southernmost fringe of Switzerland and it shares international borders with Italy. It is a canton with about 300 days of sunshine each year and is the vintage place to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in Switzerland. 

The designs on the Ticino property landscape are very fitting on the terrain with its allure. 

Ticino is famous for beautiful lakes and the Lago di Lugano and Lago Maggiore with a beautiful quasi-tropical climate presents an experience by the lakesides. 

This area of the canton is replete with lush vegetation, wild bamboo and palm trees.

Ticino is located at the middle of Europe and is in close proximity to the Italian lakes of Lago di Como and Lago di Garda. 

The city of Milan is close by with its three international airports and fashion epicentre. Ticino is only a two hour drive away from the luxurious Alpine Ski resorts and the Mediterranean Sea.

The trappings of a modern city with state -of -the -art facilities are seen on Ticino Real Estate with its platform for diverse lifestyles. The Italians call this scenario the La Dolce Vita and it roughly translates to the good life.

Ticino Real Estate Geography

The Immediate areas of Ticino with extensive real estate are as follows;

·         Mendrisio
·         Locarno
·         Lugano
·         Riviera
·         Vallemaggia
·         Bellinzona
·         Blenio
·         Leventina

The surrounding areas include;

·         Mesolcina GR
·         Verbania IT
·         Como IT
·         Varese IT


Ticino Real Estate and Property Pricing

Everyone who loves the allure of the Tropics but have on their minds a destination in Europe will treasure the opportunity to explore Ticino real estate. 

There are diverse Swiss property options that will suit the business immigrant or someone looking to buy any holiday home.

Rented properties in Ticino cost from CHF1,635 for a 90m sq apartment and the vacancy rate around here is more than twice the national Swiss average. 

On the other hand, to buy a property here, is costlier than the national average and goes for 35% more than other parts of Switzerland. The Lugano and Locarno areas of the Canton are favourite Swiss real estate locations to own a home.

Ticino real estate charges include provision for rent, heating and other utility charges with associated maintenance cost. Lighting charges are however billed directly to the tenant .

The tenant is required to furnish a deposit that equals three months total rental before the tenancy agreement can be finalised and this is a standard Ticino Property procedure.

Life in Ticino

Commuting in Ticino is affordable and considered a shrewd way to minimize living expenses. During seasonal promotions, it is easy to decide where to shop in order to maximize the available discounts and the special rates on offer. 

This is one way to save money and enjoy the good life in Ticino.


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