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That Female Libido Boost: Enter The Female Viagra?

Recently the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the female libido drug, Vyleesi, which has raised much concern among the people. The new female Viagra appears to be a favor to women and their sexual health but it has set off a debate about what should be the role of drugs in complicated and sensitive issues like desire.

There has been a great debate and research on the issue of female sexuality or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Females suffering from HSDD have very low sexual desires that result in distress and interpersonal issues. Some consider it a lifestyle issue whereas others consider it a biological problem that needs to be addressed with medication.

Vyleesi, or scientifically known as bremelanotide, is the second drug which has been approved by FDA to treat HSDD. Before that, in 2015, Addy (flibanserin) was the first medicine approved to treat the problem but has not proved to produce somedesirable results. Addyi needed to be taken orally while Vyleesi is in injection form that the women have to self-inject in their thigh or lower abdomen 45 minutes before sexual activity.

To What Effect?

Scientists and counselors have been arguing about the significance of the drug and over-medicalization of this sexuality issue. The research data obtained also doesn't sound very convincing. 

Out of 1200 women involved in the experiments, only a quarter reported to have some significant effect on their sexual desire and 35% reported to have a significant drop is psychological distress with this medicine. 

These results according to some experts, point towards the fact that female desire is a lifestyle problem that is affected by many factors like circumstances, relationship issues, stress, etc. and only drugs are not enough to boost it. One needs to address all the underlying issues.

Some psychologists claim that women who are already dealing with low sexual motivation would not be interested in using injections like Vyleesi. Though they must be interested to get treatment but with this injection thing they would feel pressurized to take the drug to please their partner or fulfill social expectations.

The results of this female Viagra cannot be measured as accurately as the male Viagra are done. The males may or may not get an erection with the drug but the female libido is complicated to be measured and may lose the subtle result during clinical assessments.

However, FDA is not sure of the side effects of the drug treatment and recommend it to be used no more than eight times per month and once per day. They have warned about some side effects like vomiting, nausea, headache, pain at the injection site and has forbidden to be used by cardiovascular or blood pressure patients.

What To Expect?

A Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Aaron Kesselheim have thoroughly studied the FDA drug approval process and has regarded it as having a lack of expertise and proper processing of advisory panel. 

He claims that the studied data is not enough and drugs are approved on the basis of short term studies of six months or so which is not enough.

Vyleesi might prove to be significant in treating HSDD but it is going to take some time to analyze the results and view its effects at a broader level.


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