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How To Enjoy Summer In Paris And Be Happy

Summer In Paris

While summer in Paris may be a different experience from spring and autumn in Paris, there are still plenty of opportunities to travel to Paris in July and August. Here are some of the best places to soak up the sun, while away from the summer crowds, enjoying the well-trodden "Parisian treasures" trail. 


After hours of exploring the sights on foot, a sunny café or terrace is the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine or beer by the side of the road. 


What to do in Paris


Parisians may flee the city in the warm summer months, but there's plenty to do in Paris in the summer. Follow these tips to avoid crowds, beat the heat and make the most of your summer in Paris. As you can see, Paris has become even more of a tourist destination than it usually is - and there is a reason to stick with it. 


For those looking for a unique Parisian experience, summer may be the worst time of year to visit Paris, but it is also the best time of year. 


This is the time of week when locals flee the city for a week to spend the big holiday, and tourists are often faced with a lack of food and drink, as well as a lack of hotels and restaurants. Although the place is usually crowded at this time of year, it is interesting for foreigners to discover some great French traditions. 


The remarkable fireworks display will be projected over the Champ de Mars, the main street in the heart of the city, on the night of July 4th. The fireworks display offers a very charming view of Paris as you drive to the Champ-de-Mars to admire them. Please note that this event is very popular and it is better to arrive early if you want to enjoy the fireworks as much as possible. 

On July 14, 2018, the annual fireworks display on the Champ-de-Mars in the heart of Paris falls on July 4. Join the city for the festivities and watch the fireworks from the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées. 


Enjoy Hanging Out

A visit to one of the many balls in town for a dance night or watch the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees on July 5, 2018. Don't miss the opportunity to see the explosions and colours from the Eiffel Tower and then join in the fireworks display on the Champ-de-Mars. 


This season is perfect for exploring the best of nature, including the city's famous parks, parks and beaches, as well as the many restaurants and bars. Enjoy the summer sun and great food and drink options in Paris - not to be missed, either. 


Spending an evening on a Parisian rooftop is a very typical activity in summer, and there is no better way to spend a summer evening in Paris than sipping a cold drink while taking in the city's famous parks and beaches, as well as its famous restaurants and bars. 


The altitude also gives you a certain breeze, so you can relax and watch the sunset over Paris from above. When you come to Paris this summer, you will have many opportunities to enjoy a bit of sun, and many Parisians will leave the city during the day, so there will be plenty of places for them on the streets, in cafes and in parks. 


Dining Out

Let's take a look at some of the best places you can visit during your stay, and the excitement that would arise even in the heaviest of hearts. You will be remembered, so let us know that you have plenty of options for your summer holiday in Paris, not only for the sun, but also for fun. 


Summer in Paris will make your trip even more special, with some of the best hotels, restaurants, shops and restaurants in the city of Paris, as well as some special events.

But the tip does not stop at the best hotels, restaurants, shops and restaurants in Paris, such as the Champs-Elysees, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The sun, the sand, the sun and the sand - tanning and sun - in Paris will not stop there either, with some of the best beaches in the world in France. 


The sun sets in Paris at 21: 30, so how can you resist camping outside? If you could have a picnic every evening in summer, you would But when the sun is so high in the sky and the heat is so intense, how can you resist the urge to camp indoors or outdoors? Many parks around Paris are open year-round to help Parisians and tourists keep cool when it gets hot, with temperatures reaching nearly 95 degrees last summer. 


My favourites include the Jardin de l'Etoile, the Champs-Elysees and the Place de la Republique. My favorite idea is a picnic in the sunlight that lights up after 10 p.m., but my favorite ideas are picnics in a park like the Parc des Etoiles or the Park des Arts. 



Irrespective of what you decide in your next Parisian summer, the guide above will surely be of use as you pick out your choice spots. Bon voyage!


 Author: Adolph Obasogie

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