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How To Live In England And Be Happy

How To Live In England

For people moving permanently to the UK, you will need to apply for an immigration visa or green card. American tourists don't need one to live there because they don't need a visa to visit the UK. With the right visa documents, opening a bank account and obtaining a driving license in the UK is relatively easy. 


In an article about UK work permits, Skill Clear writes that it is crucial to get the right visa before you travel to the UK, as you will usually not be able to correct mistakes once you arrive. If you want to know how to move from the US to UK without any surprises, please follow this checklist. 


Working In The UK


You need a visa to live and work in the UK and the chances of finding your visa sponsor are good as the hospitality industry rarely suffers from staff shortages. The UK operates a points system for visas, whereby individuals receive points for a variety of activities such as travel, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. In this article, you will learn a few things about working visas for the hospitality industry and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of visa. 


Britain voted to leave the EU, which means there is a lot of uncertainty about British visa applications. We already know what we already knew, but we do not know exactly how this will happen for EU citizens currently living and working in Britain, and we do not know what types of visas they will need to move forward. 


The clear path so far shows that other Europeans without a work permit have begun to exit the UK in recent months. For other expats coming from elsewhere around the world, they have an opportunity to make the best of the void left by the departed Euro expats.




Passport Power


The US passport serves as a tourist visa, which allows for a six-month stay in the UK. UK Border Agency (UKBA) regulates the entry of foreign nationals, including American citizens, into the UK. 


Therefore, anyone who enters the UK but has no right of residence will need a visa to stay in the UK. Unlike the United Statesof America, Britain does not have visa waiver programs, but one of its designated countries includes the US. US tourist visas allow American citizens to enter the UK without the need for a more formal immigration route. American citizens who come to the British Isles as tourists, businessmen or visitors from outside the US or Canada or any other foreign country can apply for a visa upon arrival in the UK. 

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American businessmen who want to come to the UK to do business - related activities can come to the UK as business travelers. If you are entering the UK for marriage or civil partnership purposes, you need to look through what the Home Office clarifies for spousal visas.


If you have entered the UK with the intention of seeking work or taking a job, UK, you can learn more by visiting a section of the website called UK Work Visa for American Citizens. For those entering the British Empire and Commonwealth (United Kingdom) for study purposes, the pathway is quite clear with the recent introduction of a 2-year stay extension after graduation for international students.


Marrying In The UK


There are several categories of British visas that can lead to expats settling in the UK, such as student visas, work visas, student visas and family visas.  If a student, husband, wife, or partner applies to extend their stay in the UK, UKBA has started processing their application. 


Just because you are married doesn't mean you have free access to work and life in Britain.


If you are already married, you need to get married within a certain timeframe, or your spouse visa will let you move out. You will live and work in England for a period of two years after you are already married and then have to live and work in the UK for at least one year. 

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There are some difficulties associated with such major lifestyle changes, but before embarking on this adventure, you have everything you need to know. You must have enough money to live in the UK, or you will find a job to make a living. If you move abroad and do it twice, there will be some hardship that comes with it.


Also make sure you find a company that can transfer your money in US dollars, otherwise it can be expensive to do it yourself. 



The UK has maintained its position as a global finance hub, and as a long-standing civilization, it boasts of the best facilities in many areas of life, including the world leading soccer Premier League. You might do well to explore your chances and go the UK route.

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